Inside the Solar System

Our Solar System is made up of the Sun and all the planetary system that orbit around it. The Sun which contains 99.86% of mass and gravity accounts as the principal component of the whole solar system Next to the sun, the eight planets are the biggest members of the Solar System. The smaller bodies are the dwarf planets, comets and asteroids. Some of the nine planets have secondary systems which are being orbited by Moons. Moons are natural satellites. The first four planets nearest to the Sun are the Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars. They are referred to as the terrestrial planets because they are mainly solid and composed of rock and metal.


The four outer planets which are the Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune are called the giant planets because they are more massive than the terrestrial planets. Jupiter and Saturn which are the two largest are called the gas giants because they are primarily composed of hydrogen and helium. Uranus and Neptune which are composed of water, ammonia and methane are called ice giants. Pluto which used to be the ninth planet has been discovered to be a dwarf planet because of its relatively small size.

The progression of the Solar System began about 4.6 billion years ago when a giant cloud of dust and gas collapse under the weight of its own gravity. The fusion of the collapsing mass collected in the center of the system created the Sun. The rest of the smaller cluster of dust and gas that also collapsed became the planets, asteroids, moons and other celestial bodies in the Solar System. The Asteroid Belt is located between Mars and Jupiter. It consists of the dwarf planet Ceres, Vesta, Pallas and Hygiea which consist of half the mass of the whole belt. The remainder of the belt’s mass is confined in other minor planets and millions of small asteroids. The Kuiper Belt is located on the outer Solar System and extends to the orbit of Neptune.


The bodies that are contained in this belt are mostly made of ice or frozen volatiles such as methane, ammonia, water and nitrogen. Some of the resident bodies of this belt are the dwarf planets Pluto, Haumea and Makemake. Comets with orbital periods of approximately 200 years are tracked to have originated in the Kuiper Belt. Another shell of icy objects is located beyond the outermost part of the Solar System. This is the Oort Cloud and has been home to most of the tracked nd observed long-period comets.

My Run Story

I’ve been running for a pretty long time (although it’s been on and off…lately more on than off!).I thought I’d share my running story with you all!Running has changed my life twice; the first time in 2002 (in 10th grade) and again in 2015. So running is very close to my heart! When I started high school, I decided to do cross country because I wanted to do a sport and it was one of the only sports that didn’t involve a ball (I don’t have good hand eye coordination). I ended up getting really into it and even went to running camp during the summer of 2003 and 2004.

healthy lifestyle fitness sports woman running on road

Running changed me during this time by giving me the opportunity to meet new friends outside of my normal circles, to get involved with the school, and it taught me how to set goals for myself especially with getting faster. I was never a star athlete, but I kept it up and improved dramatically. Unfortunately when I went to college the motivation wasn’t there anymore. I was no longer part of that team dynamic, and ended up not running anymore. I was a typical college kid that was “too busy” to work out. But running always stayed in the back of my mind.

In 2015 two of my friends thought it would be fun to start running after work as a form of exercise, and given my running history, I agreed. I started slow and eventually built myself back into running shape. On April 15, 2015 I ran my first 5K in 6 years. After running a 5K Liz brought up the crazy idea of training for a half marathon, although she was running in New York, Shannon and I decided to do the Wilson Bridge Half Marathon here in Virginia.

Our training went well and we completed the race, it was hard, but we finished! Now almost two years later, I have completed two half marathons and a handful of other races, I’m about to run another half marathon, and I have many more races on my schedule. This time around I’ve learned even more about running by reading books and blogs (especially lately), and I feel like I am now in the best running shape of my life.


Running changed my life for the second time by helping me get exercising again, and relearn my passion for running. It has also brought me closer to my two running partners, whom I still run with almost every day, Liz and Shannon. I’m now in it for the long haul, no more 6 year breaks, running is now part of me forever.Do you have a running story to share? I’d love to hear it!

Fresh Leaders With Old Real Estate Problems for China

Bloomberg had reported that even as the outgoing government in China is making all out efforts, the nation’s new leaders would have to inherit the persistent matters regarding country’s property market.The present leaders discontinued their efforts to bring reforms to the market with effect from March 1, but the reforms had already affected the stock market. And even as the restraints have been introduced on property in the previous year have had some success, prices of residential properties increased following the Central Bank reduction of interest rates in order to undo the slowdown in economy.


While property is responsible for a large portion of GDP of China, with some cities depending on sale of land for profits, the leaders have been in a dilemma of having to balance their efforts to keep the prices of residences within reach of the ordinary Chinese people, and at the same time extenuating possible effects to economy.Nicholas Consonery who is the Asia analyst to consultancy firm Eurasia Group, which is based at New York, had said that, the fact that there is a fizzing condition in several chief real estate markets in urban areas is accepted by Beijing. It also is concerned to be recognized as responsive to the apprehension of the people in regard to the rising prices of housing properties. He also said that the new government is, however, well recognizant of the hazard that the nationwide market might freeze and bring about a greater deceleration in growth. During February, however, prices of residential properties rose once again in accordance with the tendency in the previous nine months.The outgoing head of state, Wen Jiabao will leave behind the challenge of sustaining reasonably prices houses to the incoming Li Keqiang.

During the leadership of Wen the prices of houses went on to rise up to 1.5 times since the start of personal home ownership in the year 1988.Zhu Haibin who is the chief China related economist with JPMorgan Chase, has said that, the polices related to property, brought about by Wen over the last ten years should not be taken as a success. The property reduction measures shall continue with the new government. However before Wen leaves he would certainly would want them to more forward, he said.


Experts predict further real estate price growth by the end of 2016 and we will keep you updated on our blog. If you liked this news, feel free to likes, share and tweet this post.